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Marine Farms Launches Cobia Cooking Guide


UK - Following the successful launch of cobia at the Brussels Seafood Expo in April, aquaculture expert Marine Farms has launched a new website, The site, which is primarily aimed at consumers and the food trade, highlights cobias tremendous culinary versatility, with recipes, stunning photography and a cooking video.

The site describes how Marine Farms used its decades of experience to develop the aquaculture facility off the coast of Viet Nam, and the care that goes into looking after both the fish and the environment.

Carlos Massad, CEO of Marine Farms Viet Nam, explains the reasoning behind the new website: “We are very proud of cobia and what we have achieved in Vietnam but we understand that consumers, and indeed the food trade, need to know more about this brand new fish and the high standards to which it is produced. This website provides a central point of information on cobia, including why Marine Farms chose Nha Trang and our vision for fish farming both here and around the world.”

The site also provides details on cobia’s nutritional profile as well as six different but equally delicious recipes, that show cobia being grilled, baked and pan fried. Two of the recipes were created specifically for the campaign by Maria Elia, Head Chef at the Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room, London. Ms Elia also demonstrates why cobia is ideal for sushi and sashimi; its firm white texture which means it can be sliced easily and accurately.

Mr Massad says Marine Farms is delighted with the interest they have received in cobia so far.

“Sales and interest in the product from the launch at ESE have gone better than we anticipated. In fact, we have had to pull forward our planned volumes arriving in the UK and Europe to keep a growing customer base supplied. The very strong interest from the sushi trade in particular has been a pleasant surprise. Many are seeing cobia as an excellent sustainable replacement for tuna and sword fish and recognise the fish as an already highly sought after premium and prized fish in Asia, that until now has only been available in non commercial quantities in that region.”

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