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Marine Exports Reach Record High

INDIA - Export of marine products from India set an all time record of 612641 tons - a value Rs83.63bn and US$1852.93mn during 2006-07.

India’s seafood exports are growing and likely to touch over US$3.5bn from current level of US$2.2bn by 2009. However, processors will need to focus on value-added markets if the potential is to be realised. It will also need to adopt new technology and advance production systems and food safety to secure more export markets, says a report by Associated chambers of commerce & industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Its investigation, 'Market of Seafoods in India”, projects that India’s Seafood exports could be expected to reach US$2.2bn for the 2007-08 season - up from US$ 1.6 billion in 2005-06 . They also have the have potential to accelerate in view of their growing demand in trading blocs like EU, Middle East, China, Canada, Tunisa, Puertorico, Russia.

Export of marine products have been increasing steadily. They were up 19.62 per cent in volume from year 2005-06 to year 2006-07.