Management of Aquacultural Effluents from Ponds

CANADA - British Columbia&#39;s salmon-farming industry will get the full Hollywood treatment, for better or for worse, in an episode of Emmy-winning courtroom drama Boston Legal that was filmed on location at an exclusive B.C. fishing resort.</b> <br><br> Nimmo Bay Resort will serve as the backdrop for an episode that deals with one of B.C.&#39;s most troublesome resource controversies -- the presumed threat that fish farms pose to wild salmon through the proliferation of sea lice. <br><br> The episode, titled Finding Nimmo, won&#39;t be aired until Oct. 11, but it already has environmentalists cheering and fish farmers jeering. <br><br> An ABC teaser on the episode says lawyers Alan Shore and Denny Crane, played by Emmy winners James Spader and William Shatner, head to the resort &quot;for some fly fishing and male bonding&quot; after Shore breaks up with his girlfriend. <br><br> <i>Source:</i>

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