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Malta Census of Fisheries

MALTA - A total of 80 cages, covering a surface area of 78,773 square metres and with acapacity of 1,758,534 cubic metres, were recorded according to the recently published Census on Fisheries published by the National Office of Statistics.

The total production of farmed fish in 2005 amounted to 5.1 million kilograms, yielding a value of Lm21.1m. Blue Fin Tuna, which accounted for 82.6 per cent of the total weight of farmed fish, yielded Lm19.0m.

The total intermediate consumption of fish farming amounted to Lm14.3m in 2005, as shown in Table 5.3. The purchases of live fish and fingerlings amounted to Lm5.6m, or 38.9 per cent of the operational costs of fish farming. Various production costs, mainly the purchase of bait, amounted to Lm5.3m, or 37.4 per cent of the total operating expenses.

A total of 192 persons worked in the fish farming sub-sector, of whom 130 worked on a full-time basis and the remaining 62 workers on a part-time basis. The absolute majority of persons employed were male. Workers employed in fish farming were concentrated in the 25-34 age group (34.9 per cent), while 26.0 per cent were less than 25 years of age. With regard to educational attainment, 81.8 per cent of persons working in fish farming had at least a secondary educational level.

Further Reading

  • To view the full report, Census of Fisheries 2006, please click here. (PDF - 159 pages)