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Malaysian Ag Minister Invites Aquaculture Investment


MALAYSIA - The Agriculture Minister encouraged local and foreign companies to invest in the aquaculture industry at an international conference yesterday.

Malaysia invited investors, both local and foreign, to participate in the country's expanding aquaculture sector, a senior Malaysian government minister said yesterday (4 November)

According to Chinese news agency, Xinhua, Malaysian Agriculture Minister, Noh Omar, made this remark at the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture (APA) 2009 and Malaysian International Seafood Exposition (MISE) 2009 here.

Minister Noh said that the country's aquaculture industry was expected to grow at ten per cent annually over the next ten years, offering good opportunities for all investors.

He also said that through effective management of the sea resources and aquaculture, the seafood and aquaculture products' exports would continue to offer around 2.5 billion ringgit (MYR; US$714 million) yearly.

The figure was expected to rise to MYR6.2 billion ($1.77 billion) in 2010 based on the Good Aquaculture Practices and Post-harvest handling, added Mr Noh.

To increase fish production and to improve the National Trade Balance of Malaysia, the Minister said the Malaysian Department of Fisheries under his ministry would turn out successful entrepreneurs by 2010 through seminars and research.

APA 2009, organized by World Aquaculture Society, Malaysian Fisheries Society and University Putra Malaysia, has attracted over 1,330 participants from more than 50 countries.

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