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Maintenance Of A Healthy Fish Stock Essential

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GENERAL - The fifth module of the University of St Andrews online Postgraduate Diploma/MSc course in Sustainable Aquaculture examines disease management in aquaculture systems.

As with all intensive animal production systems, disease outbreaks on fish and shellfish farms can have a devastating impact on production, on animal welfare and on the ultimate survival of the farm.

There are particular challenges to maintaining a healthy stock of aquaculture animals due to their exposure to the all the risks of an open aquatic environment including disease organisms and environmental insults.

Maintaining a healthy stock is essential to sustainable aquaculture and this module sets out to demonstrate the intimate balance between the environment, the fish and the disease challenge; the coping mechanisms of the fish; the major infectious and non-infectious disease risks and the maintenance of healthy stocks.

Particular emphasis is placed on control and prevention of disease and the maintenance of high standards of fish welfare through good husbandry practices, veterinary health planning, and biosecurity.

The next course starts in October 2012. Interested parties can find out further details here.