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Leading the Field Through Dialogue and Co-operation

CANADA - New Brunswick's salmon farmers are creating local solutions to the global challenge of seafood sustainability.

Speaking at the International Seafood Summit in Barcelona this week, Dr Jamey Smith, Executive Director of NB's Salmon Growers' Association (NBSGA) said that many of the regions salmon farmers are engaging with retailers and conservation groups. They want to embrace consumer issues and ensure they can supply what the market demands.

"Many of the local solutions identified for aquaculture have already been embraced by our New Brunswick growers"
Dr Jamey Smith, Executive Director NBSGA

"Many of the local solutions identified for aquaculture at this conference have already been embraced by our New Brunswick growers," said Dr Smith.

He said that participating in the conference, organised by Seafood Choices Alliance, had promoted dialogue between fishery and aquaculture producers, suppliers and researchers. It also gave non-governmental organisations the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

He said that producers from Canada's east coast were leaders in environmental stewardship and provided social and economic value to their coastal and rural communities. They were also leading the field in Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture, a method that combines several species of fish, shellfish, and plants in one operation.

"We have learned at this conference that the salmon farming industry on Canada's east coast is already meeting or exceeding many of the recommendations being made by the non-governmental and certification organisations. It is through dialogue with stakeholders that we are able to understand and then address concerns. And this dialogue must also continue at home," said Dr Smith.

He said it was in the industry's best interest to carefully manage of our farms to ensure the health of our salmon, the viability of our businesses and other marine resource users, and the confidence of communities and consumers.