Leading organic farmer criticises "Organic Fish"

UK - In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, a leading organic farmer has bitterly criticised the awarding of organic status to cod and salmon farms which he accuses of being industrial systems that would never be seen as &quot;green&quot; on land. </b> <br><br> Peter Kindersley, the former publisher who owns Sheepdrove Organic Farm, near Lambourn, Berks, told The Daily Telegraph: &quot;They have huge numbers of fish together like battery chickens. Nature is never like that. I accept that the rest of the world is going to do it, but it is a betrayal of everything the organic movement stands for.&quot; <br><br> Mr Kindersley said the farming of carnivorous fish such as salmon and cod was like &quot;farming tigers&quot; - based as it is, to some extent, on fish oil and meal from overfished stocks of smaller fish. <br><br> The incarceration of large numbers of the same species will lead to deadly diseases which could whip through wild stocks, he warned. &quot;When you put large monocultures together something like the avian flu virus is inevitable. Crucially, you are doing it in the open sea.&quot; <br><br> Mr Kindersley believes that environmentalists should be promoting vegetarian fish, such as carp, rather than promoting the use of fish which eat several times their weight in smaller fish. <br><br> <em>Source: Daily Telegraph</em>

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