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Large Increase in UK Salmon Sales to US

Salmonids Economics

GLOBAL - The shortage of salmon from Chile has had the effect of boosting exports from the UK and Ireland to the US.

According to September's Salmon Market Comment by market analysts, Richard Donnelly and Finnian O'Luasa from BIM Business Research & Intelligence, the shortage of salmon from Chile has had a profound effect on salmon exports from the UK.

Fish Farming Expert reports that while export volumes up to May 2009 have remained static at 17,000 tonnes, the US is now the main market for fresh salmon from the UK. Export data available up to May 2009 shows that exports from the UK to the US increased by 32 per cent, replacing France as the main export market for fresh salmon from the UK, according to GSIS. The increase in sales to the US is countered by a reduction in the level of exports to France and Ireland.

Ireland has also begun to develop exports of frozen salmon to the USA with trade volumes of 17 tonnes exported in the first five months of the year. This is probably an under-estimate as product is often exported via the UK and is therefore not detected as an export to the USA.

However, the market comment states that the main issue with Ireland continues to be the limited supply. Export volumes for the first five months continue to decline with only 73 tonnes of fresh salmon exported in the first five months of the year. This compares to 218 tonnes for the same period in 2008.

According to Fish Farming Expert, the market analysts commented: "There has certainly been an increase in supply to the domestic market, but this does not account for such a dramatic decline. We expect to see volumes increase to these export markets in the second half of the year."