Label coloured farmed salmon, group urges

by 5m Editor
2 October 2006, at 1:00am

CANADA - If the salmon you buy is a deep rosy pink, it could be wild salmon -- or it could be farmed salmon fed additives to look like wild salmon. Some interest groups think consumers should be told the difference. &quot;It&#39;s &#39;buyer beware&#39;,&quot; John Volpe, assistant professor of Marine Systems Restoration at the University of Victoria, told CTV Newsnet. &quot;But it&#39;s very difficult to be aware if you aren&#39;t informed.&quot; Over the last few years, salmon has become one of the top selling fish in North America. It&#39;s gone from being a delicacy to a staple in many homes and restaurants. Some of the salmon is caught in the wild. But the 90 per cent of what you&#39;ll find in grocery stores is salmon raised on aquatic farms, which don&#39;t have the same diet as fish in the wild. <i>Source:</i>

5m Editor