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Kanyakumari District Holds an Inland Promise

INDIA - Indian fisherwomen in coastal areas of the Kanyakumari district have urged the Government to launch cage culture of freshwater fish programme.

The Department of Fisheries has said that the Kanyakumari district has a rich source of freshwater bodies constituted by canals, ponds, tanks, lakes and reservoirs, reports The Hindu.

Since the district is influenced by both northeast and southwest monsoon rain, most of the water bodies are perennial. With this extent of freshwater sources, there is a vast scope for inland fish culture.

Moreover, presently water from these sources is used only for irrigation. It can very well be utilised for aquaculture enabling a double-fold production of food source.

However, according to The Hindu, suitable management, environmental and regularity policies need to be adopted before utilising the water bodies for aquaculture. Such step, if taken to encourage aquaculture, will enhance the fish catch to more than ten folds from the present level.

A vast majority of the inland water bodies are presently under the control of the Public Works Department. The local bodies like panchayats and temples manage a few of them. A detailed survey of the water bodies needs to be conducted to have an idea on the extent of the water source. Based on the results of the survey, water bodies suitable for aquaculture need to be identified.