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Joining Forces To Protect Marine Resources


MOZAMBIQUE - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Mozambique have agreed to work together to boost marine life protection and develop joint mechanisms to better investigate and monitor fisheries of the country with a coastline of nearly 3000 kilometres.

With such a vast coastline, a continental shelf and an Exclusive Economic Zone of about 508.092 km², Mozambique has a great interest in improving marine resource management, a key factor for food security and sustainable development.

In the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), WWF and the Mozambican Ministry of Fisheries agreed that the global conservation organisation would also provide guidance and expertise in certification of fisheries and assessment and mitigation of bycatch.

The MOU has the objective to support joint operations of monitoring, research, management, extension and control of fishing activities.

“WWF is and will always be open to cooperate in order to achieve not only the goals established by this MOU, but also to support the government agenda in fisheries conservation and investigation,”said Florêncio Marerua, WWF Mozambique Country Director.

In Mozambique the fisheries resources play an important role in poverty reduction exports earnings, food production main source of protein and minerals) for the country’s population;

“We are very pleased that today we materialize and strengthen our cooperation and we hope it complements and fortifies the government policies and agenda in the fisheries conservation and investigation”, said Rodrigues Bila, a representative of the Ministry of Fisheries.