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Jamaica Takes Steps to Preserve Fishing Sector

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JAMAICA - In a Sectoral presentation, the Minister in charge Dr. Christopher Tufton said that the Jamaican government would be pushing ahead with its plans to increase restrictions in the fishing industry.

According to RadioJamaica, Mr. Tufton said if the fishing sector is to survive sustainability is key. Hence he said the government has the intention to implement restrictions on fisherfolk.

These restrictions include the banning of mechanical spear guns for fishing by March 31, 2010, reports RadioJamaica. Spear fishing he says affects the breeding of fish and also the coral reef. But this is not the only thing restrictions will be placed on where fishing is concerned.

"Our fish stock, I am told by authoritative sources, is extremely vulnerable at night and night diving with spear fishing is also very destructive to the fish stock and we would like to see it eliminated by March 31, 2010,

"We want to introduce a requirement for a permit, a special permit for compressors and other mechanical devices used for underwater breathing for the purposes of fishing only," Dr. Tufton said.

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