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ISSF Announces Improved Atlantic Bluefin Stock Status

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GLOBAL - The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has released the latest version of their Status of the Stocks Ratings. Whilst Atlantic bluefin stocks have improved, Pacific bluefin and the Western and Central Pacific bigeye stock are still at threat from overfishing.

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The report compiles the scientific records of the different major tuna stocks done by each of the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) into one document, serving as a one-stop resource for comprehensive tuna stock information.

The Status of the Stocks Report uses a colour rating system to indicate varying degrees of sustainability.

Since the last version released in September 2014, notable updates were made in the following sections:

  • Eastern Atlantic bluefin ratings improved for abundance
  • Western Atlantic bluefin ratings improved for exploitation rate
  • Indian Ocean albacore ratings improved for exploitation rate

Despite improvements in multiple fisheries, there is continued evidence that overfishing is still occurring for several stocks, notably for Pacific bluefin tuna and for the Western and Central Pacific bigeye stock.

ISSF uses the ratings in this report to prioritize its advocacy efforts with the tuna Regional Fishery Management Organizations that are in charge of managing these stocks.

You can view the updated rating here.