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ISA in Shetlands: Breaking the Code of Practice

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UK, SCOTLAND - The outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia in Shetland this year may have been aggravated by a code of good practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture not being fully complied with, it has been claimed.

Charles Allan, group leader of the Fish Health Inspectorate based at the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen, also revealed today that companies experienced difficulties in maintaining continuity of businesses when movement restrictions were served to control a serious notifiable disease in the whole management area, reports FishUpdate.

And he said that although disposal routes were identified and available to handle routine production wastes, there was no immediately available method of disposal for large volumes of controlled fish waste.

On January 2, Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) was confirmed on a salmon ongrowing site in Shetland, the first confirmation of ISA in Scotland since an earlier outbreak in 1998, says FishUpdate.