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Iranian Shrimp Market Opens to Chinese Exports

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IRAN - Despite the sufficient production volume in the country, Chinese shrimps are going to be imported to Iran, reports the Iranian Agriculture News Agency.

“Iran’s shrimp production is sufficient for domestic use, but there will be imports to the country,” said the managing director of the aquatics union of the province Khuzestan.

“Entrance of a 15-tonne shipment of shrimps to Iran is a warning alarm for Iranian growers who are not supported while they have high potentials,” added Mohammad Moallem.

“Iranian shrimp is sold with “Grade A” label in Europe which has the highest possible quality while the imported shrimps have not good qualities, so they have not competence ability with Iranian products,” he continued.

“Although the per capita consumption rate of aquatics is 7.35 kilograms in Iran and that of fish is less than 20 grams per person a year, China has dumped Iranian products and despite the high tariffs, it has imported its products to Iran,” said Moallem.

“If the government does not make a decision urgently, Iranian growers will permanently lose the domestic markets of shrimp,” he said.

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