Aquaculture for all

Inland Policy Will Enhance Fish Farming

PAKISTAN - More efficient hatchery production and the development of aquaculture are primary objectives in Pakistan's proposed Inland Fisheries Policy.

A draft has been finalised and once ratified should enhance fish seed production, stock replenishment in natural resources and commercial aquaculture activities. It will also improve fish marketing and build closer links to the retail and export trades.

Speaking to news service Dawn, Pir Saad Ahsabuddin Caretaker Punjab Fisheries and Forest Minister said the main objectives are to boost inland fish production, employment in the sector and rural economies.

“The policy aims at overall development of fisheries and welfare of fishermen communities and fish farmers,” he said. Increased fish production would be aimed at domestic consumption and exports, with businesses focusing on an environmentally sustainable manner through innovative measures and scientific methods. He said the development of aquaculture through expansion in the private sector, offered economic advantages. One proposal is to allot derelict state lands to rural communities on easy terms, and provide advice and financial support for fish farming development.

The Inland Fisheries Policy will also establish a modern retail marketing infrastructure. It also aims to strengthen research and training facilities for productivity enhancement per unit to satisfy the growing demand. Improvements to post-harvest support, fish landing, processing, storage and transportation facilities are also priorities.

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