Initiative to boost aquaculture

NEW ZEALAND - A new gameplan for aquaculture is being promoted by the Government as a billion-dollar sea change for the industry.</b> <br><br> Economic Development Minister Trevor Mallard today told the nation&#39;s fish farmers that instead of trying to boost income by expanding the size of their operation, they needed to learn to generate more value from each kilogram of fish. <br><br> &quot;A key challenge in recognising the potential of aquaculture is the need for the sector to move further up the value chain, based on increases in productivity,&quot; he said. <br><br> The average value of New Zealand&#39;s aquaculture harvest is $3/kg, compared to a value of $20/kg in Australia, where there is a greater focus on high-value finfish, such as kingfish, in addition to shellfish. <br><br> <i>Source: New Zealand Herald</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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