Industry Welcomes Abalone Size Increase

11 July 2012, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - Sectors of the New South Wales far south coast fishing industry have welcomed a proposed change in size limit of a seafood delicacy.

Abalone divers were previously able to catch the species with a limit of one hundred and 20 millimetres, but that diameter has now been increased by three millimetres, reports ABCNews.

Last week, some fishers said they'd be locked out of Asian markets if they were banned from harvesting smaller abalone.

But Merimbula diver, John Smythe, says amending the size is vital for maintaining stocks.

No one wants to see a situation develop again that we had a few years ago where divers were struggling to get 100kg a day and now we're seeing 200 to 300kg plus catches, he says

So it is very significant part of an overall enhancement of the fishery.