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Indefinite Concession Figure Eliminated


CHILE - Last night, the Chilean Senate Chamber approved, with 24 votes in favour and 3 abstentions, the article that derogates the current definition of indefinite permissions on aquaculture concessions as part of the poll that will modify the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture (LGPA).

According to FishfarmingXpert, during the session, Senator Guido Girardi cautioned that the legislative bill is privatising a national public good (the sea). In turn, Senator Antonio Horvath who presides the Senate’s Fisheries Commission, rejected those comments arguing that the modification “changes the current indefinite nature of concessions and shortens it to 25-year renewal periods that are subject to fulfilment of several environmental and labour norms”.

Likewise, Senator Evelyn Matthei refused the reasoning that confers this project a neoliberal slant, “by contrast, we are voting for a regulation more strict, not more liberal”, she stated. Senator Alejandro Navarro manifested a different opinion, warning that under this new regulation “banks might become owners of concessions”. If the companies don’t comply with their liabilities “they are going to administrate a national public good”, he expressed.

Senator Jaime Orpis said that this legislative bill has to be hastened since “there is a huge agony in Puerto Montt among the workers that depend on this new regulation to recover their jobs. Sadly, we are full of prejudices and ideologisms”.

Finally, Finance Ministry Andrés Velasco stated that “this project creates a regulative framework stricter than what currently exists, to allow the development of this industry. Besides, it will also create more adequate control over economic activity and its environmental implications”.