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Increasing Consumption Of Fish

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CHILE - The Undersecretariat of Fisheries in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, is evaluating the possibility of starting a campaign to promote increased consumption of fish.

This initiative will bring huge benefits and savings in the future. Chile, today has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the world, one of the leading causes of death are cardiovascular disease and many other diseases come from unhealthy diets and unbalanced, says the Undersecretariat.

Fish is recognised by specialists as a healthy food that provides Omega 3, protein, vitamins (A, B6 - B12, D and E) and minerals, which contribute to a healthier life.

Consequently, investing in an advertising campaign to promote behavioural change in our food will bring significant benefits, future savings in medical care, better quality of life, higher educational attainment, in addition to increasing the domestic market for seafood. This will mainly benefit small-scale fisheries by improving their selling prices through diversifed products and increasing their markets.

Our country consumes seven kilos of fish per capita, while countries like Spain and Japan reach 40 and 60 kilos respectively.

Promoting institutional consumption should be one of the starting points. The armed forces, hospitals and prisons should incorporate into their diets increased use of sea products.

The cultural change that will not achieved overnight, should be driven by a marketing campaign showing the benefits of healthy eating and the effects on quality of life. This must be done consistently over successive years to achieve the desired effects.

Increasing fish consumption is another challenge facing us and that we must fulfill.