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High Aquaculture Potential in Kenyan State

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KENYA - Busia county is to receive Kshs100 million to improve its aquaculture industry.

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The money has been allocated for the 2013/14 financial year and will be channeled into the establishment of fish cottages, breeding centres, upgrading border point fish markets and installation of a filleting plant.

Fish production in the region is currently below the country's average. Busia has an estimated fish production of 5 million metric tonnes over the next five years, reports AfricaScienceNews.

Despite its current low production, Busia County has high potential in fish farming in Kenya, especially with tilapia, which requires a relatively hot climate to thrive, and the fact that the County is next to Lake Victoria and Kioga in Uganda.

Over 3,000 fish ponds constructed by the government of Kenya under Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) did not take off to the expected penetration due to social factors like poverty.

The government of Kenya dug out 1,600 fish ponds across Busia and only 55 per cent are actively in the business. The fisheries department also attributed this to poor management and lack of adequate know-how.