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Hard Work Still to be Done at Achotines Bay

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ACHOTINES BAY, PANAMA - Sunday, at the IATTC 7th Annual Workshop was an easy relaxed day, with basic feed work being undertaken by all group members. The clear tank was stocked with yolk-sack larvae, reports Alex Mhlhlzl.

Dinner was Sushimi, courtesy of a yellowfin tuna that was caught and injured, therefore not going to survive as broodstock, during Fridays fishing trip.

The egg collection from tonight's spawning was just shy of 700,000.

With 3 main tanks and one trial tank as well as a juvenile weaning tank, there was quite a bit to be done. Besides algae and rotifers, there was also the feeding of the juveniles with a range of flake and granular feeds, and the cleaning of one of the increased light trial tanks.

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