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Halamid website built to share expertise and widen technical support

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With the recent renewal of Halamid® website, Axcentive wanted to take the opportunity to widen its technical support.

Since its founding, Axcentive has always been eager to provide its customers and partners with qualitative products, as well as a good customer service combined with a strong technical expertise.

“Daily, we receive emails from customers or prospects asking technical questions on how to use Halamid® in certain conditions, how to dose it… So far, we were considering these emails individually. However, we finally admitted that it would be wise to share our answers to the majority of people using our product. In that respect, we have decided to create a FAQ page on our website.”

Arno Schut, Marketing & Technical Manager

When surfing on, you can type in your question and find related answers. To get searching easier, questions have been categorised by application mainly. Hence, you can find support for general, aqua, as well poultry or diseases purposes. This section is regularly updated in order to maintain an accurate level of information.

We do recommend you to go through those FAQ. Of course, in case of doubt, or assuming the answer does not give you entire satisfaction, you can still contact us through or ask the sales manager of your area.

Axcentive, always there for you.