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Growth and mortality of the New Zealand abalone Haliotis iris Martyn 1784 cultured in offshore structures and fed artificial diets

by 5m Editor
5 May 2004, at 1:00am

By M A. Preece and P V. Mladenov - Comparisons of growth and mortality were made over 12 months for the New Zealand abalone Haliotis iris Martyn 1784 (blackfoot paua), fed two artificial diets (Coast Biologicals and Makara) and cultured in three offshore grow-out structures: barrel, cage (a novel structure designed specifically for this study) and tube.

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The growth story of Nireus, Greece

Like all Mediterranean producers, Nireus has a strong need to market their product as fresh, affordable and high quality fish, with traceability as an important asset. Building a stable future for the company on both technical and business knowledge, Nireus realizes that a healthy economy in aquaculture can only be built on healthy fish.

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