Govt moves fisheries department into agriculture ministry

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
12 November 2007, at 12:00am

MALAWI - The government has moved the Department of Fisheries to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

Chief Fisheries Officer in the Department of Fisheries, Orton Kachinjika confirmed about the development saying it has been necessitated by the Presidential Initiative on Aquaculture Development (PIAD) which intends to intensify fish farming to improve nutrition consumption and income of levels of people especially those in rural areas.

"Government plans to train all extension workers in fish farming techniques to enable them effectively help the rural masses venture into Aquaculture," said Chief Fisheries Officer, Orton Kachinjika.

Kachinjika has been briefing district executive committees on the PIAD initiative as an economic empowerment.

"PIAD initiative is a government commitment aimed at alleviating poverty and provide economic empowerment to people in rural communities through keeping of fish as a source of food and income," said Kachinjika.

Source: NyasaTimes