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Government Target Milk and Meat Production in Budget Increase

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RUSSIA Beef, Pork and Dairy farms in the Moscow region are to benefit from a subsidy boost of 60 million rubles in 2013, increasing the budget by 20 per cent to 3.6 billion rubles in a bid to support agricultural development, production modernisation and rural housing.

Current Moscow region funding structures grant a pork budget of 19.4 million rubles and a beef budget of 42.9 million rubles.

Prioritised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is Moscow's dairy sector which is set to receive 504 million rubles from the regional budget and a further 414 million rubles from the federal budget.

The 2013 funding scheme is part of the Development of agriculture and regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food, Moscow Region for 2013-2020 years, a policy started in August.

Additionally the regional subsidy for 2013 will support the production of fish and eggs as well as rural tourism, agricultural and suburban promotion of innovative projects.