Give and take as the master tactician has the last word

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
31 March 2007, at 1:00am

UK - The future of the Scottish salmon industry is under renewed threat from a coalition of member states within the EC demanding a review of the anti-dumping measures against imports of salmon from Norway.

After months of squabbling, the commission has bowed to a request from Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Spain to consider calling for a review of the anti-dumping measures, in the form of a Minimum Import Price (MIP), which were imposed in January last year to protect the Scottish industry from cheap imports.

Before the measures were implemented they were vigorously opposed by a tranche of member states with fishing interests but in the last few months they have been joined by Italy, which is furious that the UK government did not support its move to impose protectionist measures against shoe imports from Asia.

However, the UK government is prepared to flex its muscles to maintain the MIP. Alistair Darling, the Trade and Industry Secretary, is totally opposed to the review and has pledged to take it to the wire.

Speaking to The Herald, he said: "This decision is premature and unjustified. We will continue to make our case strongly and support the Scottish salmon industry who don't want favours but fairness. The anti-dumping measures were brought in for a simple reason - dumping was going on and damage was being done to the EU salmon industry.

Source: The Herald