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Ghana, Italy Cooperate to Promote Fish Production

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GHANA - The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MoFAD) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the fishing production district of Mazara Del Vallo in Italy to enhance fish production in Ghana.

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The move is also to strengthen the relationship between Ghana and Italy through the scientific and technological development of the fishing industry, reports GhanaWeb.

The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Ms Sherry Ayitey, signed for Ghana, while Mr Giovanni Tumbiolo, the President of the District of Mazara Del Vallo, initialled it for the government of Italy.

Both countries agreed to cooperate in the promotion and creation of a fishery cluster in Ghana and develop the necessary activities based on the model of Mazara Del Vallo.

The initiative, according to the agreement, would enable the diversification of the economy and the development of a network of activities related to the fishery sector.

Some of the areas of collaboration under the MoU are the development of fishery ports in Ghana, the construction and maintenance of fishing boats and the building of electronic and mechanical workshops.

Others are the setting up of equipment stores to supply nets, safety systems and engines and the establishment of training schools, universities and research centres for innovation and technology transfer.

Both countries agreed to encourage and facilitate direct contact among private operators to create joint ventures, exploiting public and private funds to set up fishery clusters to improve fishing systems and fish farming in Ghana.

Ms Ayitey said the initiative would promote the development of fishery and aquaculture in Ghana, adding that the Italians would provide expertise and develop a feasibility study to identify sites for cluster activities, with support from their Ghanaian counterparts.

She thanked the people of Mazara and the government of Italy for partnering Ghana to develop the fishing industry for the benefit of its economy.