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Future Fish Cages

Technology & equipment

GENERAL - In the future, giant, autonomous fish farms may cut their way through the open ocean, mimicking the movements of wild schools or even allowing fish to forage "free range" before capturing them once again.

Already scientists have constructed working remote control cages.

Such motorized cages could help produce greener, healthier, and more numerous fish, just when we need them most, reports NationalGeographic.

Someday such automated cages could herald an entirely new form of fish farming.

According to NationalGeographic, they might be turned loose to mimic natural systems by following carefully chosen ocean currents. The robotic fish farms could help lead to larger, healthier crops of farmed fish far from crowded coastal areas, where farmed fish both suffer from poor water quality and, by producing waste, add to water woes.

Cages might even generate their own electricity by harnessing solar energy, wave energy, or other forms of renewable power.