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Funding Boost for Fish Vaccine Research

NORWAY - A Norwegian-Indian research project on the development of new fish vaccines has been awarded NOK 44 million. The project will run for four years and the consortium will collaborate with seven extremely competent Indian research institutions.

Vaccinating halibut. Photo: Sonal Patel, Institute of Marine Research
The project is a joint collaboration between the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, NOFIMA, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Bodø Regional College and the vaccine company PHARMAC AS and the Institute of Marine Research.

The venture aims to identify and characterise antigens in important disease-producing organisms (bacteria and viruses) in fish and shrimp and to develop effective preventive treatments for them. The project expects to supply new vaccine concepts for the Norwegian and Indian aquaculture industries.

“The cooperative project that has just been funded is a continuation of a project on which we have been working here at the Institute of Marine Research, in which we have been looking at how the halibut’s immune system reacts to infections”, says scientist Audun H. Nerland.

Researchers are already mapping the immune system in halibut and cod and have done a great deal of work on nodaviruses, which have posed a challenge to aquaculture in both India and Norway.

By vaccinating fish and studying the reaction of the immune system, they have been able to develop vaccines by employing molecular biological methods. The experience gained in the course of this work will be important for the Norwegian-Indian cooperative project which is now being launched, and which will focus on salmon, halibut, cod and shrimp.

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