France Pledges To Support Sustainable Fisheries

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
9 December 2010, at 12:00am

FRANCE - France says that it will fully support the resolution of "sustainable fisheries" adopted by the 65th UN General Assembly back in September.

On the proposal of the European Union and at the initiative of France, krill and small fish stocks in high seas (known as pelagic) were included in the resolution.

This resolution will allow the launching of global studies to explore the effects of fishing for industrial purposes on the state of resources, ecosystems and on global food security.

The collapse of stocks of small fish offshore has been down to heavy exploitation of the species for the manufacture of oils and fish meal in animal proteins.

The decrease in these resources is jeapordising the survival of fishing companies. Blue whiting is particularly at risk.

France is fully supporting the resolution. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries says: "France, which has consistently acted in favour of a sustainable and responsible fisheries, believes that this resolution is curucial for the management of world fishery resources."