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Force cleaning of boats, says aquaculture group

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - The PEI Aquaculture Alliance wants a law to stop recreational and commercial boats from moving from one bay to another without being cleaned. It will help stop the spread of invasive species.

For mussel growers on PEI the worst of these species is the tunicate, which attaches itself to mussel socks, robbing the shellfish of nutrients, slowing their growth and making them very difficult to harvest.

Tunicate are becoming pervasive in eastern PEI, and mussel growers in other parts of the province want to do everything possible to keep them from spreading. That includes legislation to force recreational and commercial boat owners to clean the hulls of their boats before they travel from one harbour to another, so tunicate can't hitch a ride and spread.

Calvin Jollimore of the Aquaculture Alliance said that most people are spending the money for the cleaning, but not all.

"There are some who are of that mind that don't care, and that's why we need legislation and enforcement," said Jollimore.


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