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Focus on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

GERMANY Recirculating aquaculture systems that enable intensive fish production at low levels of water consumption are the chief focus of Fischtechnik International Engineering GmbHs presentation at EuroTier 2008 from 11 to 14. November in Hannover, Germany.

Sustainable fish farming as a supplement to natural resources is playing a more and more important role when it comes to meeting the increasing demand for fish worldwide. Experts confirm that recirculating aquaculture systems can make an important contribution, since they use resources economically and keep environmental damage to a minimum.

Fischtechnik International Engineering has been a specialist in the field for many years. Among the company’s most recent projects are a large abalone farm in Ireland, a system for production of European perch in Switzerland and two systems in Iraq unter the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The company works closely with research institutes, universities and specialist companies all over the world to create highly profitable fish farms that enable sustainable fish production under strict environmental conditions.

Chief focus of the company’s presentation at EuroTier will be recirculating aquaculture system technology for turnkey contracts and individual projects. Fischtechnik will also be exhibiting fish grading machines, systems for filtration, water disinfection and oxygenation and measurement and control technology. A wide range of components will be displayed as working exhibits. Interested visitors can see for themselves how well the products function and receive expert advice from the company’s product and project development specialists.