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Fishing for a Good Book to Read?

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UK - Dr Mark Everard is an academic (UWE Bristol), science advisor to a range of organisations, broadcaster and author with a particular interest in fish and the wider aquatic environment. His extensive involvement within the environment, sustainability and angling has enabled him to publish an aquatic guide book that is intended for every real world river user titled River Habitats for Coarse Fish.

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A perfect read for fishery and river managers, fisherman and nature enthusiasts; the book describes how changing seasons and river conditions impact the natural surroundings of a coarse fish. Everard details how the species depend upon the diversity of habitats in river systems and considers how the level of dependence fluctuates throughout different life stages. From spawning and eggs, through to the juvenile and adult phases, the book provides an in-depth view for all people who enjoy the natural beauty of thriving rivers.

The author also emphasises an importance on understanding changing river habitats in order to recognise many “bottlenecks” to the population, as well as the varieties of coarse fish species that have resulted from historic changes. The book describes a process that is aimed to benefit the wider community of wildlife with which coarse fish are interdependent, as it is important to manage rivers positively to protect and improve the vitality of fisheries.

Coarse Angling Today awarded the book with five stars. The magazine said “this intriguing little book is packed full of information regarding coarse fish, their habitats and behaviours. It will also give many anglers an understanding and appreciation for general watercraft”.

River Habitats for Coarse Fish provides fishery and river managers and angling clubs with knowledge, detailed insight and practical habitat guidance to best direct efforts to enhance future prospects for all types of fish and other riverine wildlife.

The book is the perfect fit for fishermen and all members of the public who appreciate natural rivers and want to do their bit to help improve and maintain this beauty. If you are an avid angler or you have an interest in aquatic environments - this is the book for you.

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