Fish-farming techniques can work on small scale

by 5m Editor
20 July 2006, at 1:00am

GEORGIA - The gurgling tanks in Pat Duncan&#39;s greenhouses are filled with colorful fish and lush water hyacinths. Nearby, herbs are growing hydroponically, sustained by the nutrient-laden water from the fish tanks. Duncan, the aquaculture specialist at Fort Valley State University, hopes that her fish-production research will provide Georgia farmers with an alternate source of income. And with the latest compact recirculating systems costing as little as $1,000 to $2,000, fish farming can be an option for just about anyone, from Atlanta condo dwellers with basements to 1,000-acre south Georgia plantation owners. &quot;We&#39;re here to help Georgians with any type of aquacultural systems they set up, whether it&#39;s in ponds, raceways, recirculating systems or in cages,&quot; Duncan said. &quot;In Georgia we have marvelous urban markets nearby.&quot; <i>Source: Winston-Salem Journal</i>

5m Editor