Fish-farming pioneer wins 'Nobel of food'

US - The $250,000 World Food Prize, considered by many the Nobel Prize of food and agriculture, was awarded today to an Indian scientist credited with launching a &quot;blue revolution&quot; (a rapid increase in fish production) in the developing world.</b> <br><br> Modadugu Gupta has spent 30 years creating a cheap and ecologically sustainable system of small-scale fish-farming using abandoned ditches and seasonally flooded fields and water holes smaller than the average swimming pool. <br><br> The small ponds become tiny food factories, churning out protein and income for more than 1 million families in Southern and Southeast Asia and Africa. Gupta&#39;s work has multiplied freshwater fish production in those countries by three to five times, says Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation. <br><br> <i>Source: USA TODAY</i>

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