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Fisheries Research Agency Highlights Achievements

SCOTLAND - The Scottish centre for fisheries, aquaculture and the marine environment research has achieved or exceeded all its performance targets in its latest financial year.

Aberdeen-based FRS, an agency of the Scottish Government, said the year to March 31 2007 was a success despite a small cut in staff numbers.

Chief executive Robin Cook said highlights of the year included a Science Day for stakeholders, FRS involvement in government strategies and progress on the construction of a new research vessel, Alba na Mara.

There was also progress on plans for a new fish veterinary aquarium.

The average number of administrative staff employed by FRS fell to 40 in 2006-07 from 45 previously, but the total head-count fell by just one person to 321.

FRS reported operating profits of £1.819million for the latest period, compared to £830,000 previously.

Operating income from contract work undertaken on a commercial basis for third parties, for which FRS must recover the full cost, fell to £1.36million from £1.5million last time. The accounts showed Mr Cook earned about £80,000

Source: This is North Scotland