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Fish Vaccine Statistics For Norway 2009


NORWAY - Pharmaq statistics give an update on fish vaccines in Norway for 2009.

Vaccine doses for salmon exceeded 260 million in Norway in 2009, an increase of 8.7 per cent compared to 2008.

In 2009 the sales of vaccine against ISA ended at 9.6 million doses compared to 2.5 million doses in 2008. ISA vaccination in Norway is at the exact same level as for the Faroe Island in 2009, reports Pharmaq.

Sales of PD vaccine doses in 2009 ended at 96.5 million doses. This is down from 100 million doses in 2008.

The vaccine sales for trout in 2009 ended at the same level as for 2008, at 15.7 million doses, whereof nearly 4 million doses administered as water based vibriosis vaccine. This gives an indication of a stable rainbow trout production in Norway.

Sales of vaccines to the cod farming industry is a story of rise and fall. Through 2008 the number of doses increased from 19 million doses per twelve months to 29 million doses in December 2008. Trough 2009 sales fell down to 11 million doses for the year in total.

For the past two months there have been no vaccine sales to cod.