Fish Farms Train Sights On Exports

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
22 February 2007, at 12:00am

BRUNEI - Taking Cue from the shrimp industry which is going global, Brunei's fish farms want to boost production to meet strong local demand and eventually tap the export market.

D'muve Aqua Farms owner Mukhriz Mangsor, 31, told The Brunei Times that given proper technology, there is an opportunity for the sultanate to develop the local fish industry or even venture into export markets like Malaysia and Singapore eventually.

He now runs nine freshwater fish farms from only two when he first started the business.

At present, D'muve Aqua Farms supplies fish fillets to meet local demand.

Last year, output fell to one tonne due to production problems related to climate change and bacteria/disease outbreak. But in 2005, the fish farm produced five metric tonnes, valued at under $50,000.

"This year and into 2008, I have a positive outlook to produce more than the previous years," Mukhriz said.

He said the Fishery Department has been "supportive" in the provision of government land for the farms as well as giving guidance and technical support.

Aside from producing fish for local consumption, he imports lobsters into the sultanate, and is currently evaluating the lobster market in Brunei Darussalam.

"Demand is high, but pricing is not right. Lobsters in Brunei are priced at world market price of $32-$35 per kilo."

Another fish farm owner, Syarikat Shamim Dan Anak Anak, Dk Hjh Siti Salmah Pg hj Mustafa, 40, said those who go into the fish farm business "take risks" as the industry is very small, and there is difficulty in sourcing feeds.