Fish farmers fight state's test protocol

UTAH - Private fish growers took their complaints to lawmakers on Wednesday, charging that state officials are closing down their hatcheries after conducting a single, sometimes unreliable, test for whirling disease. </b> <br><br> Leonard Blackham, head of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, defended his agency&#39;s insistence that a single test is evidence enough that private fish farms are contaminated with the parasite that attacks trout. <br><br> &quot;These are DNA tests - we&#39;ve sent people to their deaths on these types of tests,&quot; said Blackham, referring to the execution of killers linked to crimes through DNA testing. <br><br> Blackham also compared fish farmers getting unfavorable test results to cancer patients - both &quot;cannot accept the tests results so they want another test,&quot; he said during a meeting of the Natural Resource Interim Committee. <br><br> <i>Source: The Salt Lake Tribune</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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