Fish Farm Report Idle

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
25 July 2007, at 1:00am

CANADA - The Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture submitted their report in mid-May and there has been no response from the province. That, says committee member and Alberni-Qualicum MLA Scott Fraser, could be an indication the government is biased in favour of fish farms.

Nanaimo-Parksville MLA Ron Cantelon said it’s the NDP-dominated committee which is biased — against fish farms.

“The report on sustainable aquaculture makes recommendations that are specifically designed to protect the marine environment,” Fraser said. “If this government won’t take that seriously ... I suspect the Liberals are listening to the dollars they are receiving from the salmon farming industry, rather than the public.”

Not so, said Cantelon.

“The minister indicated he will come forward with a plan in September of what he plans to include and what he won’t include,” he said. “The Aboriginal aquaculture committee is looking to advance with fish farms in the aboriginal community, which, despite the NDP’s bias, worked very well for First nations in Klemtu, and it could work for other First Nations as well.”

Source: The News