Fish exports increased over 2005

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
2 April 2007, at 1:00am

YEMEN - The volume of fish and marine life that Yemen exported last year amounted to 89.610 tons, which is an increase of 5.322 tons over 2005. This represents a growth rate of 6.3 percent, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Fisheries. The value of fish exports rose in 2006 to $259.211 millionan increase of $17.750 million over the previous year.

Fisheries exports are a growing industry for the country

According to the report, fish products were exported to 46 different countries. Saudi Arabia was by far the number one importer of Yemeni seafood, importing 51.9 percent of total exports at cost estimated at $134.458 million. The second largest importer was China, which imported 11.1 percent of total exports valued at $28.666 million; and Egypt was ranked third, importing 8.9 percent of total exports valued at $23.059 million. The report noted that export to Arab nations in the year 2006 reached 52.618 tons, which represented 58.7 percent of the total exports at a value of $169.962 million.

Whereas the volume of exports to Asian countries reached 23.783 tons, worth and estimated $54.905 million. The volume of exports to the European Union was 12.370 tons valued at $29.736 million. The kinds of fish that were exported included fresh fish, frozen, dried, squid, shrimp and the other kinds of Yemeni seafood. Fresh fish were the main export, representing 38.030 tons, valued at $134.458 million. This represented 51.9 percent of total exports. Exports of squid amounted to $40.388 million; exports of frozen fish reached $24.553 million.

Source: Yemen Observer