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First International Salmon Investment Forum

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CHILE - A meeting, dedicated to generate investment opportunities among Chilean entrepreneurs and foreign investors, will happen in Puerto Montt on the 19th and 22nd of October, within the framework of Aqua Sur 2010.

"Chile, investment opportunities in the salmon cluster industry" will be the key meeting that will gather domestic and foreign investors and entrepreneurs from the sector, in a rendezvous that will be focus in the ancillary industry of the salmon farming and its broad business possibilities.

The activity will be during the 19th and 22nd of October in Puerto Montt and is organized by the Investment Attraction and Promotion Program InvestChile of Corfo, and has an objective to gather laboratories, I+D+i scientific centers, technological consortiums (veterinary genetics and food efficiency) and the veterinary pharmacologic industry with a biotechnological basis, among other representatives of the ancillary industry of the salmon cluster.

This First International Forum of Investment will start with a seminar where subjects such as the advances in the new fishing act; the evolution and tendencies of the Chilean salmon sector; advances in the health management; the challenges and opportunities of investment in the salmon industry in Chile will be discussed among other topics. Also, the case of the international company Aquagen, which has been working since the year 2009 in the Los Lagos Region, will be presented.

"Up until two years ago, the salmon industry was one of the most potent industries in Chile and we want it to recuperate. We have all the tools to continue making it one of the most important industries at a national and international level. With this first international gathering of investors, we are confirming this task that we have set and we hope we can convene all the interested companies", said Juan Antonio Figueroa, Business Development Manager and Head of InvestChile, Corfo.

The salmon industry in Chile

During the year 2008, the salmon and trout exports in the country reached a total value of US$ 2,475 Million, making it one of the most important economic sectors, together with the mining sector and agricultural foods, among others.

Even though the appearance of the ISA Virus and the international economic crisis slowed down the growth prospects of this industry, there still are plenty opportunities in the local industry of salmon farming. In fact, despite the 2009 scenario, the exports reached US$2,099 Million.

"The increase in the production of national eggs, the farming in fresh water and the elaboration of smolt, besides other maintenance services and repairs of the cage bags, tanks and recycling systems, along with the transportation services, investigation labs and production and supply of food, give dynamism to this industry to keep appearing among the most important economic activities of the country", highlights Juan Antonio Figueroa.