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First Fish Vaccine is Approved in Viet Nam

30 April 2013, at 1:00am

VIET NAM - The Department of Animal Health, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has approved a vaccine for pangasius that protects against the Edwardsiella ictaluri bacteria.

The vaccine ALPHA JECT® Panga 1 received a marketing authorization on 10 April.

"We are very pleased that the license is in place as this represents a breakthrough to both the Vietnamese seafood industry and to PHARMAQ," says Kjersti Gravningen, Director PHARMAQ Asia.

ALPHA JECT Panga 1 is a vaccine for injection that provides protection against the bacteria Edwardsiella ictaluri causing disease in pangasius.

Vaccination is an important measure and step forward in controlling one of the major diseases in farmed pangasius in the Mekong Delta.

"We feel confident that ALPHA JECT Panga 1 is an efficient tool in reducing losses due to E. ictaluri and will contribute to improved fish health and increase the value of the fish," says Kjersti Gravningen.

The vaccine is well documented through extensive field trials conducted in close co-operation with our customers over past two year period.

"Our activities in Viet Nam represent the first step of our strategy in the Asian aquaculture industry," says Morten Nordstad, CEO in PHARMAQ.

"We are proud to hold the market authorisation for the first fish vaccine in Viet Nam, and the company will continuously support the Vietnamese aquaculture industry towards more advanced fish health solutions."


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