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Fiji Continues to invest in Aquaculture

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FIJI - Fiji currently has and continues to invest in aquaculture through funding of several projects for aquaculture development, spread out through the four divisions with a total funding of $2.5 million.

Minister for Fisheries and Forests Osea Naiqamu made the statement whilst speaking in parliament, adding that the Ministry has projects in place to help assist rural communities, reports FBC.

"This includes fresh water aquaculture program. Through this program four hatcheries have been developed. The tilapia hatcheries in Ba, Naduruloulou, with the capacity to produce about one million tilapia babies and serving about two hundred and sixty seven fish farms. The prawn hatchery in Galoa producing close to one million prawn babies annually for thirty five fresh water prawn farmers in Fiji."

Naiqamu says the Dreketi hatchery is currently being revived to serve the needs and sustainable development of aquaculture in the Northern division.

He says the new $1.7 million, Caboni multi species hatchery will also be utilized as a research and training centre for aquaculture.

Naiqamu says it’s in the highlands and mainlands of Fiji where aquaculture compliments many integrated production systems and works well in providing fish for the table.