Figures highlight drop in SA aquaculture value

by 5m Editor
12 July 2006, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - New figures reveal a dramatic fall in the value of South Australia&#39;s aquaculture and gross fisheries production during 2004-2005. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics show the gross value of the state&#39;s fisheries production fell by $86 million to $375 million. But total fisheries production rose by about 39 per cent to 84,000 tonnes. A research economist, David Galeano, says the fall in production value was largely caused by the lower value and volume of southern bluefin tuna. &quot;In South Australia, the main export earner there is southern bluefin tuna, it accounts for quite a large percentage and increased competition from mediterranean farms and the higher Australian dollar, definitely caused a lower price received,&quot; he said. <i>Source:</i>

5m Editor