Farm-raised tilapia called a 'good' fish

US - News about fish is mixed. We&#39;re supposed to eat more of it because it has good quality protein and healthy fats.</b> <br><br> There are many kinds that are ecologically challenged or have toxic residues or unpleasant preservatives. <br><br> Learning the latest about what&#39;s safe for the Earth and ourselves is an educational project all its own, and something I&#39;d rather not do right before I head for the supermarket. <br><br> So I let somebody else do the research. The Audubon Society has a list of fish that are good to eat, in downloadable, wallet-size form available from http://sea <br><br> The list includes U.S. farm-raised tilapia, which is a mild, people-pleasing fish readily available in most supermarkets. <br><br> <i>Source: Courier Post online</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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