Farmed tuna hardy, healthy

AUSTRALIA - The southern bluefin tuna aquaculture industry should thank its lucky stars the species can cope with caged conditions, according to a doctor specialised in tuna health. </b> <br><br> Brisbane company DigsFish Services director Ben Diggles, said he was pleased to see tuna health was a topic on the agenda at the 2006 Australasian Aquaculture conference held in Adelaide over the past three days. <br><br> Dr Diggles said the tuna species was &quot;relatively disease free&quot;, which was why it could be successfully farmed in cages. <br><br> &quot;The industry is lucky the tuna is a very immunologically competent animal and can cope with captivity very well,&quot; Dr Diggles said. <br><br> <i>Source: Port Lincoln Times</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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