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Exploring the True Potential of Nigeria's Fish

NIGERIA - There exists the possibility of putting over 60,000 hectares of land into fish farming in the Nigeria and only 10 per cent of this has been explored.

According to Business Day Online, this clearly shows that much investment is still needed in fish farming in Nigeria to effectively utilize the resources which are currently under-utilized, say industry analysts.

The news agency reports that these land resources include those of brackish water resources, fresh water aquaculture resources, dams and reservoir resources, development projects of River Basins Development Authorities and those of private land resources whose opportunity cost is almost zero but which can be used for fish farming.

Fish farming is form of land use whereby lands that are less productive for crop production are converted into ponds for the growing and nurturing of selected fishes to market weight. Fish Farming brings fresh fish within the reach of people in the hinterland. Fish farming increases rural economy through provision of additional sources of income, offering employment opportunities and improving the nutrition and the standard and quality of life of urban and rural people. With fish farming, good desirable varieties of quality fish with taste appeal can be cultured whenever desired if the local, physical and environmental conditions are suitable for the culture of such quality fish, reports Business Day

With only little fish farming going on in Nigeria and many mouths to be fed, Nigeria surely has a big challenge to wrestle with in this business of fish farming.